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Our Services Offered:

▪        Technology and commercial assessment

▪        Patent portfolio management and

         strategic planning

▪        Drafting patent and trademark


▪        Filing and prosecution before Patent

         Offices in CN, DE, and EP

▪        Appeal, Reexamination, Opposition,

         Third party observation

▪        Patent litigation (infringement,

         invalidation) in CN, DE, and EP

▪        Support in licensing, mediation, and


▪        Expert opinion in prosecution and

         litigation proceedings

▪        Intellectual property due diligence, patent


▪        First-class patent and literature search

▪        Top quality patent document translation

▪        Training – tailor made to your needs

Our Technical Expertise:

▪        Electrical engineering and electronics

  1.          Telecommunication, Computer engineering,

  2.          Signal processing, Control, Vehicle electronics,

  3.          Semiconductor, Integrated circuit,

  4.          Analog and digital circuitry, Photonics

▪        Software

▪        Mechanical engineering

  1.          Machinery, Automotive engineering,

  2.          Transportation engineering,

  3.          Energy technology, Manufacturing & Processing,

  4.          Environmental engineering, Fluids engineering,

  5.          Medical instruments

▪        Chemistry and chemical engineering

▪        Material science

▪        Physics


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